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About us 

Check out our gallery of photos that include some inside perspective on our company. 

2-Time World Champion

In 2019, Jimmy Creten finally clinched his first Monster Jam World Finals Racing win. He is still the leader of the most 2nd place finishes in Monster Jam World Final History. Jimmy is now among the few elite drivers in the world that can say he is a 2-time world champion. 


3 Generations

This is Riott Lane Gergick. He is the 3rd generation of the business. His mother, Hope Gergick controls the booking and social media for 2xtreme Racing. His father, Sinjan Gergick is the Director of Operations for 2xtreme Racing. He spends most days driving his John Deere 331 Skid Steer or bossing the crew guys around. 

The Creten Family

Here is the Creten Family that keeps us going. This is why we find family values so important in this industry. We strive to treat your family like ours. 


Our Family