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Austin Minton


Austin Minton, 22 of Tonganoxie, KS. I started as a shop hand for a couple weeks in the summer of 2016, helping Creten’s second team as they were short handed. Jimmy’s son in law gave me a call and after hearing the first truck start and come out of the trailer i was hooked. I made a trip to Saint Cloud, Minnesota for my first chance to help out Jimmy and Dawn. Jimmy instantly took a liking to my knowledge of mechanics and offered me a full time position with him on the road.

After 1st quarter the following April Jimmy decided to give me my first opportunity to get behind the wheel and “the rest is history.” The following January i would have the opportunity to compete along side of Mikeal Christensen in my first Monster Jam season on Stadium Tour 4 piloting Cretens second Bounty Hunter truck.  As the season would conclude in early march i had earned a bid into the final Monster Jam World Finals in Las Vegas in the Double down Showdown.


Being apart of the 2Xtreme race team has been an amazing experience as they treat me like apart of their own family and has taught me absolutely everything there is to know about a monster truck and we take a lot of pride in how we operate and the quality of our performances.  You can always guarantee if there is a 2Xtreme truck at a event near you, you will not leave disappointed.

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