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Dawn Creten


As a mother of four Dawn Creten has some of the regular mom duties you would expect, getting the kids ready for school, taking care of dinner, and flying a 10,000 pound monster truck. That last one may not be most mom’s but at the Creten household it’s what they know best. Creten has now been involved in monster trucks since 1997 after a chance meeting with her now husband Jimmy at the North Dakota State Fair following an event. Creten soon found herself immersed in the world of monster trucks and eventually into the drivers seat. With each even Creten grew more confident as her skills continued to improve. Fellow drivers and fans alike took notice as Creten’s following grew. With that following came success as Creten started to prove she was a strong competitor and started winning.

In 2003 Dawn Creten claimed her first major stadium event racing victory in Vancouver, British Columbia and was pushing drivers like multi-time World Champion Tom Meents to the limit in a photo finish in Minneapolis. She followed up that success with another major stadium racing victory in Phoenix the following year. It was fluke as Creten repeated in 2005 by defeating husband Jimmy and the Bounty Hunter in Phoenix for the racing victory. That year Creten received her first ever Monster Jam World Finals invitation and put up a strong result with a sixth place freestyle against the sports top drivers.

While Dawn Creten has had to take off time from driving the Scarlet Bandit for the births of her children, it certainly never took away from her driving skill. In 2007 she made her return to the Monster Jam World Finals after great performances in major stadium events.

In 2008 Creten took to the freestyle course shortly after her husband was narrowly defeated for the World Finals racing championship, and delivered an incredible freestyle performance that had Sam Boyd Stadium going insane. Her freestyle that night would rank her second against the best in the industry. Creten continues to be one of the sports leading female drivers to this day and makes the guys sweat every time she hits the track.

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